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Blood Mountain


Blood Mountain


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The sludgy, raw and fierce Mastodon blurs the line between metal, rock and prog with their major-label debut, Blood Mountain.

You could have passed it off as a fluke. Remission was an awesome album, helping revitalize metal and bringing the band much deserved notice. Leviathan was a gigantic leap, perhaps the most ambitious metal album in years. But could it keep going? People were concerned–-side glances were given, hand wringing began as Mastodon moved to a major. And for what? Turns out for nothing. Blood Mountain is flat-out amazing. If anything, it is another leap forward, both experimentaly and melodically. From the opening blast of "The Wolf is Loose", to the gorgeous "Sleeping Giant", on to the propulsive "Circle of Cysquatch." The King Crimson acid scratch of "Bladecatcher" gives way to the beautiful guitars on "This Mortal Soil" and the album closer. Lyrically and vocally, there are stand-outs--especially "Colony of Birchmen" with rich harmonies and a guest appearance from QOTSA's Josh Homme. Other guests on the record include Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Cedric Bixler-Zavala of The Mars Volta. This marks yet another grand progressions for a band that is quickly building up one of the best catalogs in metal. --"i"Robert Arambel

Blood Mountain

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