Charitable Strategies

“Empowering Christian stewardship by redirecting tax dollars to the cause of Christ”

Charitable Pooled Trust (CPT) – Powerful Planning Tool for 2023

Very few advisors and even fewer individuals are aware of the current tax benefits available by making a contribution into a CPT in 2023.  Due to an interesting intersection of economic circumstances and the IRS rules governing CPTs, 2023 is an opportunity for charitably minded people to capture historically high tax benefits while retaining lifetime access to the income streams generated by CPT investments. To find out more about whether a CPT contribution in 2023 might be a powerful planning tool for you, navigate to the following LINK.

CPT – Forward Gift to Charity to Gain Additional Deductions

While CPTs are usually established to continue for the donors’ lifetimes, the donors have the option to make a “forward gift” of the principle to the remainder charity (Donor Advised Fund), while they are still living. This “forward gift” captures an additional charitable deduction because the donor is gifting a lifetime income stream to the charity. For more details, please follow the LINK.

Thinking About Selling a Business or Real Estate?

Double your charitable tax benefit by considering a gift to charity BEFORE you sell appreciated business interest or real estate. Schubert & Company is heavily experienced in helping donors navigate the complicated but highly beneficial world or pre-transaction charitable  donations of appreciated assets. For more information, follow the LINK.

Get More Tax Benefits by Funding Your Giving with Appreciated Assets

Cash is the least tax-efficient asset to use for charitable giving.  However, working with non-cash assets is a hurdle many donors don’t know how to navigate or don’t want to bother with.  Schubert & Company regularly assists clients and donors in setting up easy channels so they can use appreciated assets to fund charitable giving and capture additional tax benefits in the process.