Our Firm

Schubert & Company, Inc. is a fee-only registered investment adviser focused on helping successful North Texas families grow and protect assets they have accumulated, and develop a comprehensive plan to provide for the family’s future.  We use a highly consultative process to define each of our Client’s values, relationships, and goals based on what is important to them.  Acting as the family Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for our clients, we seek to accomplish four things:

Identify and simplify the planning opportunities  relevant to each client’s specific situation.  With over thirty-five years of collective experience in public accounting, our CPA’s have been involved first-hand in capturing valuable planning opportunities through applying our technical knowledge to each of our clients’ specific situations.

Clarify the future  for each of our clients by taking the time to learn and understand what they hold as valuable, and then help them develop a customized plan to capture opportunities unique to their circumstance and protect from risks that can threaten their wealth.  With input from our team of experienced professionals, we address advanced planning issues like wealth protection, income and estate tax mitigation, wealth transfer and charitable giving.

Build a world class investment portfolio  using institutional investments that are:

Academically tested

Appropriately diversified

Highly tax efficient and cost effective

Risk appropriate

Properly regulated

Manage the details  and monitor the changes as we walk through life with our clients.  The best laid plans will be useless if not properly implemented and managed.  Most of our clients are more than capable of managing their own financial affairs.  However, most choose to devote their time and energy to the pursuits of family, church, community, and profession, leaving them with little time to manage the ongoing details of their financial affairs.  As the family CFO we fill in the gaps to make sure proper attention is given to ongoing details so our clients are free to pursue their more important goals in life.

As a fee-only firm, we receive no compensation from any source other than our clients.  This allows us to remove potential conflicts of interest and leaves us free to offer objective input across all areas of the family wealth management process.

For more information, please contact us at 972-422-1010 to schedule an initial consultation where we can mutually explore whether it makes sense for us to work together, and determine whether we can add value to your specific situation.